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ASTON MARTINVANTAGE N4202011R 632,000.00Pretoria0001731       
ASTON MARTINVIRAGE VOLANTE2011R 400,000.00Pretoria0001694       
AUDIA3 SPORTBACK 2.0 TDI AMBITION2005R 149,900.00Florida0001504     
AUDIA4 1.8 EXECUTIVE1998R 39,900.00Benoni0001656     
AUDIR8 SPYDER2011R 520,000.00Pretoria0001729     
BMW116i SPORT A/T (E87)1992R 120,000.00Pretoria0005010       
BMW120D (E87)2005R 137,900.00Florida0001598     
BMW320 D (E46)2001R 79,900.00Florida0001547     
BMW335IS COUPE2011R 220,000.00Pretoria0001725     
BMWTR8502004R 65,000.00Pretoria0001690     
BUGATTI VEYRONGRAND SPORT2009R 5,800,000.00Pretoria0001724     
BUGATTI VEYRONSUPER SPORT2011R 6,000,000.00Pretoria0001723     
CADILLACCTS COUPE2011R 1,500,000.00Pretoria0001722     
CADILLACURBAN LUXURY CONCEPT2010R 960,000.00Pretoria0001721       
DAIHATSUMATERIA 1.52007R 89,900.00Florida0001648       
FERRARI458_ITALIA2011R 3,260,000.00Pretoria0001720     
FERRARI599_GTB_FIORANO_HTGE2010R 1,650,000.00Pretoria0001718     
FORDBANTAM 1600 P/U S/C1995R 17,500.00Florida0001645       
FORDFIESTA 2.0I ST150 3DR2008R 132,900.00Florida0001480     
FORDFOCUS 1.6I AMBIENTE 5DR2008R 115,900.00Florida0001592     
HONDABALLADE 150 A/T1987R 24,195.00Benoni0001654     
HONDABALLADE 150 A/T1990R 32,500.00Benoni0001653     
HONDABALLADE 180 E1996R 23,500.00Benoni0001664     
HUMMERH3_ ALPHA2008R 225,000.00Pretoria0001714     
HUMMERH3T_ ALPHA2009R 380,000.00Pretoria0001713       
JMCBOARDING 2.8TD LUX S/C P/U2011R 149,880.00Florida0001631     
JURGENSFLEETLINE2004R 48,950.00Pretoria0001688     
JURGENSPENTA2002R 45,000.00Pretoria0001686       
KIAPICANTO 1.1 LX2009R 89,900.00Florida0001458     
LAMBORGHINIAVENTADOR2010R 1,500,000.00Pretoria0001712     
MASERATIGRANCABRIO2011R 1,750,000.00Pretoria0001710     
MASERATIGRANTURISMO MC STRADALE2012R 3,500,000.00Pretoria0001709     
MAYBACH62S2011R 2,300,000.00Pretoria0001708     
MAYBACHLANDAULET2009R 1,450,000.00Pretoria0001707     
MAZDA323 160 STING HATCH1995R 29,000.00Benoni0001655     
MCLARENM6GT1969R 1,100,000.00Pretoria0001706       
MCLARENMP4 - 12C2011R 2,500,000.00Pretoria0001705     
MERCEDES-BENZC200 ELEGANCE A/T1999R 79,900.00Florida0001629     
MERCEDES-BENZC200K CLASSIC2003R 115,800.00Florida0001649       
MINI COOPERR 562007R 200,000.00Pretoria0001697       
MITSUBISHICLUBCAB 3000I P/U S/C2007R 129,900.00Florida0001565     
NISSAN1400 STD 5 SPEED (408) P/U S/C2008R 55,900.00Benoni0001658     
NISSANHARDBODY 2000I LWB (J02/05) P/U S/C2008R 79,900.00Benoni0001659     
OPELASTRA 1.6 SPORT 5DR2005R 89,900.00Benoni0001660     
OPELCORSA 1.4 ESSENTIA 5DR2010R 132,600.00Florida0001489       
PEUGEOT307 2.0 CC2005R 137,900.00Florida0001646     
PORSCHEHAMANN_CAYENNE_9582011R 560,000.00Pretoria0001715       
ROLLS ROYCEGHOST2010R 1,500,000.00Pretoria0001704     
ROLLS ROYCEPHANTOM COUPE2009R 1,250,000.00Pretoria0001703       
TOYOTAAVANZA 1.5 SX2008R 115,900.00Benoni0001657     
TOYOTAYARIS T1 3DR A/C2008R 92,500.00Florida0001574     
VOLKSWAGENCITI GOLF 1300 L1991R 29,900.00Benoni0001650     
VOLKSWAGENJETTA 4 1.6 COMFORTLINE2005R 87,900.00Florida0001618     
VOLKSWAGENPOLO 1.9 TDI HIGHLINE2007R 125,900.00Florida0001593     
VOLKSWAGENPOLO CLASSIC 1.61997R 39,900.00Florida0001639     
VOLKSWAGENPOLO CLASSIC 1.6 TRENDLINE2008R 105,900.00Florida0001497     
VOLKSWAGENSCIROCCO 2.0 TSI SPORTLINE2001R 75,000.00Benoni0002001       
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